Subscribe, so The 9pm Edict runs weekly

[Update: Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please check the latest post on Operation Budget Repair.]

Subscription Hero Image 3Today we soft-launch “The 9pm Operation Budget Repair”, a subscriber drive for The 9pm Edict podcast. The target is to get enough new subscribers by the end of September for the podcast to run weekly.

You can listen to the announcement at Stilgherrian’s website or on SoundCloud.

You can help achieve this goal. Subscribe now.

Or if you prefer, make a one-off contribution.

The 9pm Edict’s subscription model is the same as for community radio here in Australia — or, as Americans call it, public radio. Listeners support the media by subscribing, with money, though it’s not compulsory and the programming is free to listen to.

At the end of August, The 9pm Edict had $384 per month in subscriptions. We received roughly the same amount in one-off contributions during the month too, bringing the total production pool for September to $772.

At $500 per episode or part thereof, that’s two episodes to be done this month.

To ensure that The 9pm Edict runs weekly, we need to get the monthly production pool up to $2200 — because some months have five weeks, not four.

In an ideal world, most of that would come as subscriptions, because repeatedly soliciting for donations is boring. That would mean increasing the subscriber base to about 5.7 times its current level. I reckon that’s possible.

This chart shows why.

Chart of The 9pm Edict crowdfunding efforts: see text for details

The red line shows the monthly dollar value of the subscriptions. There was steady growth in that subscriber base during The 9pm Resurrection, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign in late April, but it flatlined as soon as it stopped being promoted.

The black line shows the total amount in the monthly production pool — the subscriptions plus any one-off contributions. That total rises through each month as contributions come in — slowly most months, but quickly in July thanks to a single big contribution early on. The total amount at the end of the month sets the production budget for the following month. When the new month starts, the total drops back to equal the subscriptions.

The dotted line shows the ideal result, the subscriber base growing to $2200.

So, to repeat that call to action…

You can make help achieve this goal. Subscribe now.

Or if you prefer, make a one-off contribution.

This post will be updated throughout September 2014 as the subscriber drive progresses.