Operation Budget Repair’s final eight days

Subscription Hero Image 3The soft launch of Operation Budget Repair, the September subscriber drive for The 9pm Edict podcast, was so soft that virtually nothing has happened yet. It’s time to fix that.

The aim is to increase the podcast’s subscriber base to $2200 per month, ensuring that it runs weekly. There’s details of the funding model in the previous post. You can also listen to the announcement of Operation Budget Repair at Stilgherrian’s website or on SoundCloud.

But as this first chart shows, the lack of promotion has led to virtually a complete lack of growth.


The red line shows the monthly dollar value of the subscriptions. There was steady growth in that subscriber base during The 9pm Resurrection, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign in late April, but it flatlined as soon as it stopped being promoted.

The black line shows the total amount in the monthly production pool — the subscriptions plus any one-off contributions. That total rises through each month as contributions come in — slowly most months, but quickly in July thanks to a single big contribution early on. The total amount at the end of the month sets the production budget for the following month. When the new month starts, the total drops back to equal the subscriptions.

The dotted line shows the ideal result, the subscriber base growing to $2200.

This second chart zooms in to show September more clearly.


As the shallow rise of the red line shows, there’s been a few new subscribers. Thank you.

There’s no black line because so far this month there haven’t been any one-off contributions. If and when there are, you’ll see that line appear and rise faster than the red line, as in previous months.

So, to repeat that call to action…

You can make help achieve this goal. Subscribe now.

Or if you prefer, make a one-off contribution.

Or if you can’t provide financial support, please at least tell your friends to listen to The 9pm Edict, because building the audience helps too. There’ll be a new episode tonight.

This post was updated on 5 October 2014 to include the charts dated 30 September.