Extending The 9pm Summer Scrounge

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[Update 28 December 2014: “The 9pm Summer Scrounge” has been extended. It’s explained below, but there will be further details tomorrow.]

Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to make the black line rise up — up, up and to the right — and intersect with the dotted line by 31 December 2014 Monday 19 January 2015 at 1200 midday AEDT. Do that, and there’ll be four episodes of The 9pm Edict podcast in January.

You want that, right?

No, shut up. You do.

So please contribute to “The 9pm Summer Scrounge” to help make that happen.

Subscribe now. Everyone who subscribes before the end of the fundraising period will receive a free copy of an updated ebook collection of my writing on surveillance, politics and the Five Eyes stuff, as well as the usual subscription “benefits”.

Or make a one-off contribution if you prefer.

I’ll be adding further inducements in the coming days.

If you’ve missed what this black line and that dotted line are all about, let me explain with the aid of a red line.

The 9pm Summer Scrounge progress as at 28 December 2014

The red line represents the subscriber base for The 9pm Edict, kicking off with The 9pm Resurrection, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign in late April, rising again during the poorly-promoted The 9pm Budget Repair in September, and rising once more during this poorly-promoted campaign as well — with some gentler increases in between.

The black line shows the accumulated monthly production pool. At the beginning of each month, it starts off equal to the subscriptions, rising as one-off contributions and more subscriptions come in. At the end of the month, that total will determine how many episodes will be produced in the following month. And when the new month starts, the total drops back to equal the subscriptions again.

The dotted line shows the target we need to chase. Ideally that’ll be made up of subscriptions rising to $2000 per month, but a mix of subscriptions and one-off contributions is also good.

As you can see, apart from the few days on which I plugged the idea, little new revenue came in. The goal seems unobtainable — even when you zoom in onto that second chart to show December more clearly.

The 9pm Summer Scrounge progress as at 28 December 2014

But what if we change the end date? Suddenly things look a whole lot more achievable.

The 9pm Summer Scrounge progress, as at 28 December 2014

So, to repeat that call to action…

You can make help achieve this goal. Subscribe now.

Or if you prefer, make a one-off contribution.

Or if you can’t provide financial support, please at least tell your friends to listen to The 9pm Edict, because building the audience helps too.