Wrapping The 9pm Summer Scrounge

Subscription Hero Image 6

Summer has ended, and with it “The 9pm Summer Scrounge”, my rather half-baked subscriber drive for The 9pm Edict podcast. What happened? And what will it mean?

Well, there was a pleasing number of new subscribers in December, and some generous one-off contributions, so I’m happy. Thank you all.

We didn’t reach the $2000-per-month subscription target, mostly because I didn’t put in a sustained promotional effort through January and February — for a variety of reasons.

Across summer, the subscription base grew from $480 per month to $626.

The 9pm Edict subscriber progress December 2014 to February 2015

The red line shows the steady growth of that subscriber base. The black line shows the accumulated monthly production pool, comprising the subscriptions plus any one-off contributions at that point. When a new month starts, that total drops back to equal the subscriptions again.

The dotted line shows the rather optimistic target we were sort of chasing.

Zooming out, here’s the full picture of the crowdfunding process since it began last April.

The 9pm Edict subscriber progress April 2014 to February 2015

Things kicked off with The 9pm Resurrection, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign in late April, rising again during the poorly-promoted The 9pm Budget Repair in September, and rising once more during this latest campaign as well — with some gentler increases in between.

So what happens now?

My continuing plan is to produce an episode of The 9pm Edict for each $500 or part thereof. There’s been more episodes than that recently, because I felt that a catch-up was in order. But during March, and probably through April too, I’ll settle back to that plan.

You can therefore expect to see an episode of the Edict this week, and then another one later in the month. There’ll be two episodes in April, unless you launch that black line over the $1000 bar.

Everyone who subscribed over summer will receive a free copy of an updated ebook collection of my writing on surveillance, politics and the Five Eyes stuff, as well as the usual subscription “benefits”. That will be sorted out across the next two weeks.

You can still subscribe to The 9pm Edict of course, or if you prefer, make a one-off contribution. If you can’t provide financial support, please at least tell your friends to listen to The 9pm Edict, because building the audience helps too.

Thanks again. More soon.