“This is a Skank Media production”

Skank Media logo 2009

There’s a story behind those purple knickers that form Skank Media’s first logo…

One day back in 2007, I was walking to lunch with my office manager, back when Prussia.Net was a business with regular contractors and an employee.

We took a shortcut down a back laneway, when I noticed a pair of women’s underpants just lying on the ground, discarded.

“There you go,” I say. “Give ’em a wash and you’re right!”

“Ewwww!” is the reply. But why? If the knickers are washed, then they’re clean. Can there possibly be anything worse on these “found” knickers that isn’t already in, say, a 3-year-old’s poo-filled pants — which likewise get washed and worn again? In with the rest of your washing, no less!

Those used knickers were still there in the street a week later, and a few days after that. When I saw that they were still there a week after that, I grabbed them.

Underwear that had been discarded in the street seemed like a natural fit for the business name Skank Media, so a photograph was taken and graphics prepared.

Back then, when the internet was smaller and blogging still a thing, this discussion meant that I was in the top 20 Google Search results for “user knickers”. How times have changed.