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Subscriber Benefits

  • THE SEKRIT STASH: A subscriber-only collection of photos, audio outtakes, and other random bits and pieces — which will eventually get done.
  • REQUEST PODCAST CONTENT: Depending on the level of support, you might be able to choose TRIGGER WORDS or even a CONVERSATION TOPIC.
  • SHOUT-OUT on the podcast for all new subscribers at level 02 or above.
  • OUR SINCERE THANKS: All new subscribers are acknowledged on the next podcast’s web page after they join, unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Trigger Words and Conversation Topics

TRIGGER WORDS: During each special-guest episode of The 9pm Edict we throw TRIGGER WORDS into the conversation. You can submit multiple TRIGGER WORDS as a set, but most people submit them individually.

You can direct your TRIGGER WORDS to a specific guest, or put them into the Glass Jar of Transparency to be drawn out at random.

Or you can tell me to choose a completely random TRIGGER WORD to surprise us all.

CONVERSATION TOPICS: Have your topic discussed in a podcast episode. You choose when. You can either email us some words to read, or record yourself introducing the topic.

Subscription Levels

Subscriptions can be paid monthly, or in a single annual payment. The benefits are the same, so choose whichever is convenient for you.

Edict 01 FLAT WHITE: For the price of a cup of coffee monthly, you get ONE TRIGGER WORD to use at any point during the year.
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Edict 02 SCHOONER: For the price of a decent beer, you get THREE TRIGGER WORDS to use together or separately any point during the year, and a shout-out in the podcast.
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Edict 02A PREMIUM PINT: For the price of a right tasty craft beer, you get FIVE TRIGGER WORDS to throw into the podcast as you wish, and a somewhat personalised shout-out.
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Edict 03 CHEEKY RED: For the a price of a pleasant McLaren Vale Shiraz, you get a CONVERSATION TOPIC to throw into any podcast during the year, and a more personalised shout-out where I will give you a suggestion or a prediction.
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Edict 04 TRIPLE SHOT: For the price of a tasty but dangerous cocktail, you get both a CONVERSATION TOPIC and THREE TRIGGER WORDS, and a shout-out including my frank and fearless advice on how you should run your life.
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